Supporting the Textile Value Chain to Create Employment and Economic Opportunities in Jordan project under the name “Creative Jordan” aims to support the textile value chain to create employment and economic opportunities in Jordan. Apart from the provision of technical training to the actors of the value chain, one of the objectives of this project is to create new successful brands and collections under the fashion brands of “JO! By Creative Jordan” and the fashion designer competition “KHAYT” which are the storytelling umbrella of the fashion sector and be further promoted in the international markets.

The Creative Jordan project is implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in partnership with the Design and Training Services Centre (GSC), and funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS).

Objectives Of Fashion Design Competition

To unlock the potential of cultural and creative industries, using design and cultural heritage as a source of competitive advantage by bringing producers and designers together.


To enhance economic opportunities and job creation in the textile and fashion value chains in Jordan through capacity building and establishing effective linkages between designers and SMEs.

UNIDO and GSC will be launching new seasons of the fashion competition under “KHAYT”. The competition will gather young Jordanian designers and producers, aiming to provide support to the Jordanian designers and assist the producers to manufacture new products for the global markets. KHAYT will showcase the new collections through an exhibition and provide a chance of international exposure for both designers and producers.

The competition will be organized in two seasons:

2022 (spring/summer) collection.

2023 (autumn/winter) collection.

Ten SMEs and ten designers will be selected to participate in each season. Through the two competitions, new collections will be designed and produced to support JO! brand. The designs will maintain a line between traditional Jordanian garments, drawings, colors, and contemporary collections to suit national and international markets.


The goal of the competition is the advancement of the fashion industry in Jordan through genuine design, creativity, and innovation, as well as improving its competency in the regional and global markets.


Each competition cycle consists of 4-month fashion design and production training at the GSC, under the supervision of both international and local fashion design mentors.

Gender Mainstreaming

CJ Khayt Brochure

The project aims for the involvement of women and vulnerable groups. In order to enhance their employment in the textile industries, women will represent at least 40% of the project beneficiaries.


Start with an open day and call for applications announcement. The duration of the fashion competition is four months with four phases, as follows:

Call for applications

Announce the competition through different channels of communication including traditional non-traditional media, and organize open days.


A series of training courses will be held for the selected designers to be part of KHAYT 2022 / 2023 based on the skills and knowledge needs identified in the assessment period.

Producing new collections

Each designer will team up with a different factory to produce their collection, which will lead to creating new linkages between factories and designers.

Marketing and access to new markets

Assist selected designers and factories to consolidate business linkages with international markets through the establishment of B2B linkages and matchmaking with EU buyers.

Fashion Competition Theme

Ethical design focuses on improving social impact, strengthening traditions & cultures, and the use of local resources, as the theme of the fashion competition. Besides good intentions, design teams must be conscious of adequate monitoring of suppliers, and the risks of cultural appropriation.

You can download and use the competition sketch from the link below:

*Deadline to submit your application is November 9th, 2022